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After 25 years of caring for children, first as a nurse, then as a pediatrician, Carolyn Roy-Bornstein finds herself on the other side of the stretcher when her 17-year-old son Neil is hit by a teenage drunk driver while walking his girlfriend Trista home after a study date.  Roy-Bornstein finds herself riding in the front seat of an ambulance transporting her son to the ICU in Boston, and the world she so easily navigated in a white coat now must be traversed, understood, and dealt with as a mother, not a medical professional.

As her son recovers, Roy-Bornstein forges a new life as an expert in traumatic brain injury and underage drinking, publishing essays and articles on the subject and speaking to civic groups, high school and college students, and professional organizations about her family’s experience. Her roles as mother, physician, and writer have merged into a life of purpose, passion, and prose.

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DR. CAROLYN ROY-BORNSTEIN is an award-winning writer and practicing pediatrician. She writes a monthly health column, Pediatric Points, in the national newsletter Pediatrics for Parents. She is also an ambassador with the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts, giving speeches to civic groups, schools and businesses. She lives in Massachusetts.