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A Boy Called Duct Tape

Pablo Perez is a 12-year-old poor kid without much going for him. His classmates have dubbed him “Duct Tape” because his tattered discount-store sneakers are held together with…you guessed it, duct tape. He can’t escape the bullying. Pablo’s luck, however, changes after he finds a $20 gold coin while swimming in a river near his home. Pablo later buys a $1 treasure map at the county fair. The map shows the route to the “lost treasure” of Jesse James. Pablo can’t help but wonder: Is there a link between the map and the gold coin? He is determined to find out, and he, his 9-year-old sister and 13-year-old cousin hire an ill-mannered cave guide, and begin a treacherous underground adventure in search of treasure.

A Boy Called Duct Tape will keep adventure-story fans on the edge of their seats. There’s enough action, mystery and suspense to satisfy the most demanding middle-grade reader. Every child has fantasized about discovering a lost treasure, and this story addresses that daydream. Christopher Cloud’s simple and kid-friendly language makes this book perfect for reluctant readers. A real winner!”
Midwest Book Review

“I absolutely loved A Boy Called Duct Tape. I’m 12 and I read about 50 books a year. This was the best realistic fiction book I’ve ever read.”

Alex Mina
Maumelle, Arkansas


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CHRISTOPHER CLOUD began writing fiction full time after a long career in journalism and public relations. Cloud graduated from the University of Missouri in 1967 with a degree in journalism. He has worked as a reporter, editor, and columnist at newspapers in Texas, California, and Missouri. He was employed by a major oil company as a public relations executive, and later operated his own public relations agency. He created the board game Sixth Sense in 2003. Chris lives in Joplin, Missouri, and enjoys golf and hiking.