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In the spy thriller, Codename Wildcard: Exposing Soviet Espionage, by Diana MacFarland (a pen name for the husband and wife writing team), the future of America lies in the balance as deadly cat-and-mouse maneuvers take readers from the DMZ in Korea to the rainforests of Forks, Washington, the Savoy in Moscow, a castle in the Scottish Highlands, the U.S. Naval Academy, glamorous parties in Washington, D.C., and alluring coral reefs beneath the crystal blue waters of Key Largo.

Much of the heart-pounding action actually happened to the authors, who are underwater cinematographers and Navy Seal trained survival experts. They were able to use their work as a cover to reveal Cold War Soviet espionage, drug smuggling, and terrorist activities. The book also deals with the hero’s (and the author’s) PTSD and the 3,000 year-old Taoist hyper sex techniques that helped him manage this incurable disease, which could be very helpful for similarly afflicted war veterans.

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