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Growing Up Superheroes

In 1983, Diane Fraser is 20 and emerging from the trauma of a violent family home life when her niece Deihlia is born with problems so severe that her prognosis is death before week’s end. Blessed with a powerful resilience and a pioneering female surgeon, Deihlia survives over 40 major surgeries, coming close to death many times. Through her humor, mischief, and appetite for life, Deihlia shows people how to live with gusto and maneuver around obstacles – self created or otherwise. Like the superhero characters she loves, Deihlia undergoes major physical transformations, brushes with the law, and experiences magic, danger, and changes of identity. Growing along with her, “Auntie” Diane helps Deihlia live an independent life, and comes to understand just how much her own will and attitude influence her reality. Growing Up Superheroes is the unforgettable true story of Deihlia Nye, the girl whose grasp of death pushed her to fly beyond her limits, taking others along with her who are brave enough to rise to the challenge.

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DIANE FRASER has written a memoir which tells the true story of her niece, Deihlia Nye, who was born with conditions so severe she was given less than a week to live. Through risky medical experimentation and extraordinary resilience, Deihlia went on to live 29 years of risk taking adventures, inspiring everyone she met. She overcame tremendous challenges and had an attitude that anyone could learn from.