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It's All About Life

Kirkus Reviews calls It’s All About Life, “A memoir full of practical, bracing advice, drawn from the author’s business savvy and personal tragedies.”

It’s All About Life is a memoir of Lazarus’ personal and professional life and the tragic effect that multiple suicides have on a family, and the inner redemptive powers that enable us to go on in the face of adversity. It is also a fascinating exploration into his family of clients and how his professional life has shaped him.

Lazarus has had several careers. First as a pharmacist, then into the remaindered book business for 25 years, followed by real estate development, and finally finding his true passion as a financial advisor. During this time, Lazarus had to deal with the devastating suicides of his mother-in-law, wife, and youngest son. The life lessons learned from his years of experience and those of his clients has taught him much about the world and people. The tragic experiences that have become part of the fabric of his life have taught him that we must not be afraid to face life’s challenges head on. Always look forward to a better day.


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