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Schizo: Hidden in Plain Sight takes readers on a wildly unexpected journey into the what-ifs of medical science.

Ambitious future surgeon Dan Greenberg is assigned a bizarre schizophrenic patient who reveals to him information about an organized plot to control the population.

Drawn by both curiosity and compassion, Dan investigates, discovering that they were exactly where Catherine said they would be. Who are these people? Why are they in danger? His pursuit of the truth leads him to become a psychiatric patient in the same facility.

“Ilene B. Benator ¬†cleverly mixes the clinical disciplines of medicine and psychology with the gripping emotional torture of schizophrenia.” –Barry Abrams, Television Producer

“An exciting thriller that takes me back to the difficult days of medical school, and reminds me of how fine the line is between our patients and ourselves.” –Dr. Sharon Frankel, Emergency Physian



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ILENE B. BENATOR is a board-certified Emergency Physician. She practices in the Southeast and wrote the screenplay adaptation for Schizo, which won a Certificate of Merit in the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood Screenwriting Competition, and was a finalist in two other screenwriting contests. Ilene grew up in New York, went to medical school in Chicago, and now lives in Atlanta. When not working or being soccer mom to her two wonderful kids, plus two cats and one dog, she enjoys architectural photography, camping, skiing, and takes hikes in the mountains with her husband and black fluffy dog Daisy.