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God Must Be Weeping

God Must Be Weeping is a bracing account of a young man’s journey in the backdrop of WWll, a riveting drama abounding in conviction and passion and faith.The story unfolds through the eyes of MONTGOMERY Mason, a young Italian-American consumed with patriotic fervor who strives to follow his dream of becoming a soldier. In defiance of his beloved mother’s wishes, MONTY, an aspiring writer, forfeits a job at “The Times’ and enlists in the army. In boot camp, he forges lifelong friendships with three men who hail from such disparate backkgrounds, their Drill Sergeant tags them with the moniker, “The Misfits.” HUNTER, a striking soldier, has a flair for raising his fists, and paradoxically, easing the tenor in troubled times; MO, a Southerner, with deep religious convictions struggles between the moral implications of warfare and fierce patriotism he sports in his gray eyes—and MAKO, who comes from a gilded upbringing and shines in every maneuver. The genesis of their camaraderie remains a mystery, and is tested once their deployed to the war-torn iridescent beaches of the Pacific Theatre. Forced to endure the human shuffle of war, these men examine the intangible questions of free will, faith and mortality. ____MONTY gets wounded and falls in LOVE with an Australian nurse he encounters in a field hospital. Memories of their star-crossed affair compel him to persevere when he is captured. In his cell, he ruminates on the past and reflects on the lovely vision that had rendered him speechless: JANE ____A prison guard slips MONTY a coconut and stack of paper in the hopes he will ‘break.’ Instead, he chronicles his life story, and his scribbling becomes the heartbeat of the novel. The cadenced splendor of MONTY’s account set against the shuffles of prison life reveals an engrossing tale of redemption, faith and love. ____MO scours the jungle for his buddies and collides with a courageous African American soldier named SHANGO. Both men are reticent to join forces and filled with preconceptions about the other. Inevitably, their relationship becomes a crucible of wills. MO & SHANGO soon discover the inanity of prejudice, and come to realize they share more than a uniform. A poignant historical fiction, GOD MUST BE WEEPING is a vivid illustration of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s sentiment: “It’s not miracles that generate faith, but faith that generates miracles.”


ForeWord Review April, 2013 – “Through principled young men in the most trying of times, Winston delivers drama by tackling the big questions. Having written for the screen, Winston excels at the expression of ideas—and ideals–through character, dialogue, and action…God Must Be Weeping is an achievement.”

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J. D. WINSTON is a screenwriter currently adapting GOD MUST BE WEEPING for the screen. Winston has travelled extensively and lived for months in Italy, Brazil and Canada. Winston currently resides on the East Coast.