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Lost Souls

As a hard partying senior at Sacred Heart High School, Christa Nichols was used to people telling her she was bad at making choices. But when a car accident awakens her to the secret world of Angels and Demons, she realizes for the first time the weight her decisions truly have.

Now caught in the middle of a life-long rivalry between a classic-rock loving Guardian Angel and a Demonic club promoter, Christa won’t just need to use her wits to survive…she’ll need them to save her mother’s soul.

Lost Souls takes you on a journey through a world where Guardian Angels masquerade as the homeless and business-savvy Demons trade souls like they’re on the NYSE. Full of romance, horror, and food trucks, Lost Souls is fun at its most Divine.

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Katie Jaros is a writer, painter, and avid explorer. She lives in Seattle with her family, but considers the Olympic Peninsula a second home. When she’s not writing or hiking, she’s chasing after one of her Valkyrie daughters while secret eating all the Twizzlers. Lost Souls is her first novel.