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The Golden Thread

What if 30 seconds changed your life? What if God doesn’t answer your prayers at the most critical moment in your life? 
This book answers tough questions about faith and purpose. The Golden Thread is the first book for K. Cates, a memoir about the loss of her son, her fight for her marriage and her faith in God. Although well-balanced between adversity and optimism, maybe one of the most authentic and vulnerable glimpses on a Christian life, hers is a heart purposed to inspire others who find themselves in the darkest of circumstances. If you’ve been waiting for someone to speak to your heart, in the seemingly “Pollyanna” world inside the church, wishing for someone who will pull down barriers, this is for you. If your story is too scary to tell, you might find safety in these pages. This is a compelling read, whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish or Atheist. Cates is working on a second comedic novel, A Crumb in the World of Cake.

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KRISTIANNE CATES is an author, blogger, motivational speaker and award-winning singer/songwriter. She was raised in the suburban midwest with faith, family and music. Among her accomplishments professionally, her sales career earned her rankings of #1 in the country. With audiences from stadiums to bookstores, she can be self-deprecating, and hopes you think of her as the girl you want to have coffee with. She is a single mom with a grown daughter, currently residing in Los Angeles. The simple pleasures in her life include a love affair with chocolate, a good workout, and a growing wish-list for travel. And. Her primary focus is her relentless pursuit to inspire people to faith, and provoke purpose through adversity, one person at a time