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Princes of New York

Tom West, the rumpled, young, headmaster of Christ Church School, loves his job on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and the students and faculty love him right back. But when board member Robert Cattivo- a high-flying real estate magnate who worships Machiavelli and mentored Trump- threatens the integrity of Christ Church, the principled headmaster is thrown into the biggest challenge of his life. Will Cattivo succeed in corrupting Tom, as well as his treasured institution, selling trustee seats and admission slots to the highest bidder and kicking the headmaster to the curb? Must he abandon his integrity to keep his job and preserve the legendary school’s high standards? Aided by a beautiful Met curator and an ailing bishop, Tom goes up against a band of ruthless barbarians to save the soul of a legendary school and in the process, he rediscovers his own humanity.

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ROBIN LESTER, the former head of Trinity School in New York, also taught and headed schools in San Francisco, Chicago, and Minneapolis. His OpEds and articles have appeared in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, and The Dictionary of American Biography. STAGG'S UNIVERSITY, Lester's cultural history of American college football won the Book of the Year award from the North American Society for Sport History. Lester has a PhD. in history from the University of Chicago.