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Return To Your Senses

Are your senses screaming at you for change, but you have gone deaf to their call? Are the things you’re passionate about taking a back seat in your life? In Return to Your Senses: Save Yourself before Technology Kills You, Ronald D. Eastman II gives you the wakeup call you need to reset and transform your life.

An Executive Protective Agent respected by many of the world’s most prominent celebrities and public figures, Ronald explains how he went from being the “victim” to now protecting his A-list clients from predators, paparazzi, and dangerous lovers—thwarting threats against beloved actors, filmmakers, and musicians on hundreds of occasions.

Through his bold, personal narrative, Ronald demonstrates an exemplary model of wholeness, health, and happiness as a result of paying attention to his senses and developing them over time in harsh conditions. You’ll catch a hair-raising glimpse into the lives of celebrities as you learn:

• How to harness the power of your reptilian brain
• How your gifts and abilities can help you find your purpose
• How use of your inherent senses can protect, preserve, and reinforce the life you desire
• How technology weakens your reptilian brain – your inherent senses – threatening mankind’s very survival

Humans are consuming a smorgasbord of social and mass media for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, stuffing ourselves to the point of tuning out our inherent senses. If you wish to live the purposeful and sustainable life you deserve, the first step is to read this book.

“…there is an earnestness that filters through Eastman’s bravado. He seems to legitimately care about people’s safety, and his frustration with the ways in which individuals ignore their physical environments while simultaneously making themselves vulnerable in their digital environments is both understandable and illuminating.” – Kirkus Reviews

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RONALD D. EASTMAN II is the owner and CEO of Eastman Protective Agency. This role as the guardian of an elite executive protection company that also provides investigative services to clients, is the culmination of a childhood vision, years of specialized training, and experience in both executive protection and lifestyle management. Eastman was born in Los Angeles and raised in Pasadena, California. When he turned eighteen, Eastman joined the United States Army in order to protect our nation. He served in the Army from 1988 to 2001, serving in combat and becoming highly decorated. While in the Army, Eastman developed the skills needed to master the protection of life. He received specialized training in hostage rescue, reconnaissance, treatment of trauma patients, logistics, and military combative techniques. He shared his expertise by training foreign military units from Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan, and the Middle East. In 2001, Eastman joined a preeminent executive protection firm where he served as regional manager and senior field agent for nine years while it doubled in size. Eastman then became president of Tyler Perry, Inc., where he managed the non-production affairs of the entertainment mogul. Eastman emerged from these experiences with the necessary expertise and vision to return to executive protection and start his own company, Eastman Protective Agency, headquartered in the Atlanta area with satellite offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville. Eastman wrote the book, Return to Your Senses, to help others find their purpose by relying on inherent gifts and abilities—far greater assets than the technological devices they may possess. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, Sonhara, and their two dogs.