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A story every woman can relate to, Unraveled is the inspirational journey of a woman whose life is turned upside down when her husband moves her across the world from Washington, D.C. to Moscow, Russia. After a series of shocking revelations, she is left to start fresh in a new city, find herself, and recreate her life.Her emotional story begins with her tumultuous childhood home life and her natural talent for languages. When her husband is offered a unique career opportunity in Moscow, she relocates halfway across the world to the frozen tundra of Russia. A series of seemingly benign choices — college, husband, job, move — lead her on an emotional journey to reinvent herself and find the strength to move on. It is the story of a woman, uprooted from her home, her family, and her friends, who in spite of every obstacle, overcomes.Subtle humor and exquisite storytelling sets Unraveled apart. An enjoyable read and a fantastic story, Unraveled inspires us as readers to find the strong, independent woman in each of us.

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VIOLA BARRY is a pseudonym for an up-and-coming author from the Washington, DC area. Viola has all the marks of a great writer and continues to expand her fan base through her challenging and relatable storytelling. She creates complex and realistic characters, writes with subtle humor in the midst of intense, emotional turmoil and gives her readers the perfect amount of detail — enough to build a world and take us into the story while still allowing every reader to put their own imprint on the characters and their environment.